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Hi all :)

I had a previous design base on SabreSD. You can vary the boot device via DIP switches, however, there were PLENTY of resistors to pull down/up & they were 0201 (manufacturers asked me if I could just remove them from design)
Which brings my attention to IMX6REX. Thank you for the guide on how to u-boot via SPI flash. However, if I want to boot from SATA, is my procedure (below) correct?
1. Modify u-boot(I recalled long ago, I got the u-boot source from IMX6 site & modified some #define so that it adds SATA support)
2. Flash SPI with this u-boot. Upon restart, if your SATA device is formatted with linaro, u-boot should be able to boot it, right?
Am i on the right track?


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Hi George, we have never tried to boot up from SATA, but if you could do so on Sabre SD, it should be possible. I would say, you may have 2 options:

Option 1) the one you are describing: add SATA support to uBoot, boot up from SPI, load image from SATA and boot up

Option 2) I sometimes use a trick to boot up from SD card. There is a “magic” command, which can be used in uboot and somehow ignore the eFuse settings. You can boot up from SD even your eFuses are set to SPI. This is the command:

mw.l 0x020d8040 0x3040; mw.l 0x020d8044 0x10000000; reset 

Maybe something like this exists also for SATA. Check out with freescale. Hope it helps. Robert

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