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Hello everybody,

I am interested in CAN bus communication with iMX6 Rex.

I have read that the SD3 card interface shares its pins with the CAN bus interface.
Is it right that it is possible to connect the RX/TX pins of a CAN transceiver with the iMX6?
Unfortunately I have no idea which pins of the base board must be connected with the CAN transceiver.

I want to use MCP2551 CAN transceiver which has the following ports:

  1. TX
  2. GND
  3. VDD
  4. RX
  5. VREF
  6. CAN_L
  7. CAN_H
  8. RS (Slope Resistor Input)

GND, VDD, CAN_L and CAN_H are clear to me.

Could you please tell me to what pins I have to connect TX, RX, VREF and RS?
Will the SD card interface and the CAN bus interface work simultaneosly?
Is it possible to connect two CAN bus transceivers at the same time?

Thanks for your help! :)

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Hello Christoph,

iMX6 Rex module supports CAN, however, there is no direct CAN support on the Baseboard. If you have a look on the Module schematic, you will see, that the FLEXCAN pins are shared with SD3 interface. On the Baseboard, these pins are connected to micro SD1 socket.

If you would like to test CAN with iMX6 Rex Module, you may want to design your own baseboard. Possibly, for debugging you may want to try to solder some wires down to the SD1 socket pins and use a CAN transceiver, but that really would only be a solution for preliminary testing.

RX/TX CAN pins are directly accessible on TinyRex Baseboard Lite. You still need to add a small addon board with CAN transciever.

OpenRex has direct support for CAN, but that board is not available yet.

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