Environment for DDR3 calibration


I am in the process of doing a memory calibration on a custom imx6d board and have some questions about the process and its environment.

  • At what temperature are you doing the calibration (min, max or room temperature)?
  • If you want to support cpufreq at what ARM core freq do you run the calibration?
  • Did you ever had problems with minus grad Celsius during stress testing (with cpufreq)?


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  • We do calibration at room temperature and we then verify it by running extensive memory testing in environmental chamber between -40Deg to +70Deg
  • We run the calibration at datasheet specified CPU and Memory frequency (e.g. 1GHz/528MHz for QUAD)
  • I have not seen problems with CPU, but I have seen memory stress test failing below -20Deg for Commercial memory chips (0-70Deg)

Hope it helps, Robert

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