How to run Linux (also which linux) on Rex module


Hi all,

I am quite new to rex module and I do not have much information about it. I would like to run Linux on it, but I am not sure which path should I follow. I read the documents and I have some blurry points in my mind, I would be glad if you can answer them.

First of all I read and as far as I understood it depends on the LTIB from Freescale. Is it possible to compile and run the BSP from freescale on Rex module without any problem? Are they compatible (drivers, kernel and etc.) and again is it possible to use newer BSPs whenever they are available from freescale on Rex module? What is the relation between Freescale BSP and Rex module?

Second, I read which depends on newer kernel and also Debian based rootfs. It seems quite good, but I did not test it yet.

The question is, which is the best way (at least from your experiences) to go further? Also there is a Yocto option, but I am not sure whether I should dive into or not? Debian based rootfs looks promising, but I need a robust build environment and less problematic way of running Linux. Buggy and unspoorted build tools seems to be waste of time, thats why I need your experience.


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Hello Fuzzy,

1) Freescale BSP will run (that’s how we started), but only minimum peripherals will be supported. Have a look at our github and check the commits. From them you can identify what we changed:

2) I believe, Freescale now supports iMX6 through YOCTO – so, that may be the best way to go. You may want to have a look at:

Hope it helps. Robert

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