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i have done some memory tests with ramsmp-3.5.0 on a desktop computer and the
iMX6 board (Linux iMX6 3.15.9-rex5). The desktop computer was an AMD Athlon(tm)
64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ (2 cpu cores) with 4 GB DDR2 main memory.
Now I’m wondering about the low values of the iMX6 in comparison to the
relatively old desktop computer. Are these results correct and are there
possibilities to improve the main memory performance?


Best regards,

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Hello Djego,

yes, I think your measurements are correct. Here you can see some benchmark tests we did some time ago (go to RAMspeed):

I am not sure how much it could be improved. The simple theoretical limit could be like: 528MHz (memory frequency) * 2 (works on falling and rising edge of clock) = 1056 (1056 000 000 transfers per second) => because we have 64 bit data bus, if we want to get theoretical number in bytes, we will divide 64bit bus / 8 = 8 Bytes per one transfer => 1056 * 8 = 8448MB/s. I would say, that is the theoretical maximum speed, but my calculation my be wrong :)

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