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What is the power consumption of the imx6rex, are there any figures available?
Does it offer different operating modes to reduce power?

Thanks, I am looking at using the board for a new linux based product.

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Hi Tom,

some time ago we did power consumption measurements. Here are the number from our notes:

1) uBoot only: 2W (3.20W with active Ethernet)

2) Linux idle (connected: Serial console, Ethernet, SD card): 3-4W

3) Linux, playing video on HDMI (connected: Serial console, Ethernet, SD card, HDMI): 5.3W

4) Linux, playing video on LVDS and HDMI (connected: Serial console, Ethernet, SD card, HDMI, LVDS): 8.2W

5) Highest maximum power consumption we have seen was 10W (running stressapptest)

We have not tried any software power optimization or different power modes.

Hope it helps, Robert

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Hi Tom, Hi Robert,

Do you have measures for the maximum SOM power consumption? I mean, the IMX6REX som without the baseboard+LCD etc… consumption?

I do have also an other question, what is the IQ of the SOM when the ON/OFF pin is set to OFF?

We have to design power supply for the IMX6REX SOM, we won’t use HDMI, LVDS or Ethernet.

Thanks for your feedback.


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Hi Abdelmadjid,

we dont have module only measurements, but the numbers above should give you an idea. It’s is not possible exactly measure the power consumption as it depends a lot from what software you are running and from some other settings. For example, you can play with disabling the internal LDOs, tweaking voltages, disabling unused parts of the processor, etc …. all these may have effect on the final power consumption.

We have not tried the ON/OFF yet. Please, if you try it, let me know. I am curious about that feature.

Have a very nice day,


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