Sound not working with downloaded kernel sources


Hi Robert,

just started playing around with the board and the first thing was to compile the kernel and the uboot for myself.

So i used the delivered kernel sources where the build succeeded, but i cannot get the audiooutput from the sgtl5000.
The weird thing, with your kernel everything runs fine …

If the codec is found, there is a print :
SGT5000 Init Start
SGT5000 Init End

which i annot find in the delivered kernel sources … so … i am wondering .. do i really have the needed sources ?

Just wanted to clarify this before i start with the evaluation ;)

Kind regards,

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Best Answer

Hi Robert,

to compile the latest kernel, use this on your host machine:

# cd ltib/rpm/BUILD/
# git clone -b initial_linux
# cd imx6rex-linux-3.0.35/
# ./ 

That should work.
Also, please, be aware of this bug in uBoot

Let me know when it works.
- Robert

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perfect :)
please, close the question :) Thank you

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