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The Ethernet is working after booted up the image. When I unplug the ethernet cable, the ethernet LED is off. Then I plug-in the cable again, the LED cannot light up and the ethernet is not working forever.

  • Gene Yeung asked 1643 days ago
  • last active 1638 days ago
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Hi Robert,

just started playing around with the board and the first thing was to compile the kernel and the uboot for myself.

So i used the delivered kernel sources where the build succeeded, but i cannot get the audiooutput from the sgtl5000.
The weird thing, with your kernel everything runs fine …

If the codec is found, there is a print :
SGT5000 Init Start
SGT5000 Init End

which i annot find in the delivered kernel sources … so … i am wondering .. do i really have the needed sources ?

Just wanted to clarify this before i start with the evaluation ;)

Kind regards,

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