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Hi Robert,
i am a beginner and i am trying to use IMX6 Solo in an application with just one port HDMI.
Can you please tell me
what are the memories that i need to add ?
do you have any figure for how to connect the IMX6 Solo to the power?

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Hi robert,
I want to use a msata on my base board with tiny rex. I must connet rx,tx,vcc,gnd.
Is there any other signal? is there and rule for do this?Is it only change in connector?
In some converter boards (msata to sata) I see there is a mosfet.perhaps for power sequencing.Is it necessary?

Best Regards

fedevel forum yet have error so I send question in this site :
The string you entered for the image verification did not match what was displayed.

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Hi robert,
forum of have a bug so sometimes I can not login or send post. so I back to this site !!!

You have said ” It is not necessary to control Boot Mode 1″ but I want to boot with GPIO. So Can I change value of both the Boot Mode 0 and Boot Mode 1 pins in my custom base board PCB?

current configuration is boot from sd card on the tiny rex. Can you send efuse config for spi nor flash? also for sd card?
please more explain about efuse because it is very dangerous!!!

Best Regards

  • jack man asked 420 days ago
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I see in openrex it doesn’t have emmc on board and only have a micro SD card slot.

1-Is it reliable to boot OS from a micro SD card? Is there any risk during the time of device lifetime with micro SD instead of emmc?
2-In many device need an internal memory and a removable memory, so why you use only one micro SD slot? also in expansion connector you didn’t insert any micro SD pin (IMX6 have 4 micro SD interface) Do you have any solution for me?

Best Regards

  • jack man asked 427 days ago
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I see in IMX6 Rex layout 4 chipset of DDR3 ram with double t-branch methodology (totally 2GB) and in IMX6 OpenRex it has 4 chipset of DDR3 ram with flyby methodology (totally 4GB) so I have 2 question:

1-Why in IMX6 Rex you use double t-branch while it is recommended for DDR2 ram and not recommended for DDR3?
2-Can I montage IMX6 OpenRex DDR3 chipset in IMX6 Rex to have a IMX6 Rex with 4GB ram?Is it work properly?

Best Regards

  • jack man asked 427 days ago
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I see in your iMX6_Rex_Module_flyer file : this board have 3 Temperature range =Commercial,Extended,Industrial
so Altium project and bom files for which kind of temperature range board?
all the part have pin compatible extended temperature range or PCB may be changed in this 3 temperature range board?
If they are different so can you send Altium project and bom files for industrial version.

Best Regards

  • jack man asked 427 days ago
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no question, just to say you that your open source Open Rex board is an very nice work.
I open it on Altium Designer today, it is very impressive.
Thanks for giving this very good work to the community.


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Hello everybody,

I am interested in CAN bus communication with iMX6 Rex.

I have read that the SD3 card interface shares its pins with the CAN bus interface.
Is it right that it is possible to connect the RX/TX pins of a CAN transceiver with the iMX6?
Unfortunately I have no idea which pins of the base board must be connected with the CAN transceiver.

I want to use MCP2551 CAN transceiver which has the following ports:

  1. TX
  2. GND
  3. VDD
  4. RX
  5. VREF
  6. CAN_L
  7. CAN_H
  8. RS (Slope Resistor Input)

GND, VDD, CAN_L and CAN_H are clear to me.

Could you please tell me to what pins I have to connect TX, RX, VREF and RS?
Will the SD card interface and the CAN bus interface work simultaneosly?
Is it possible to connect two CAN bus transceivers at the same time?

Thanks for your help! :)

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Dear sir:
Does Rex Board support TrustZone Software Stack?
if i want to buy this Demo Kit, where can but it? how much?
thanks a lot

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I have iMX6 Development Baseboard.
And have LVDS monitor with non standart bit mapping, not vesa, not spwg and other….

If it possible to change the LVDS bit mapping? i mean the clock and DE come to another place.

Thank’s for any help and tips,

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I’m just wondering where you got the info for how much bulk and decoupling capacitors to use in your DDR3 designs? I cannot find any reference on how much caps the circuit should have in IMX6 data sheet nor in Micron’s data sheet. Though I can see that you use in 4X10 220nF decoupling capacitors in NVCC_DDR3 and 6 22uF bulk capacitors in 1V5_DDR.

I know that using more capacitors doesn’t hurt the functionality but it hurts your wallet if there is too much capacitors.

  • Tingan Ho asked 888 days ago
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Has anyone ever used the USB interface as a USB CDCEther (Communications Device Class Ethernet)?
I am looking for help on the driver support or how to set up the USB on the i.MX6 Rex to support Ethernet messages over USB

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We are very new to this Freescale chipset IMX6.
My requirement is to change the field ODT3_INT_RES for MMDC PHY ODT control Register(MMDCx_MPODTCTRL)

Need to change the value of field ODT3_INT_RES to 001 (Rtt_Nom 120 Ohm).

So, please let me know, how to change the value and where to change in the kernel source code.
Please tell me the file where to change.

Waiting for your reply ASAP.

Thanks in Advance.

Hope that experts will answer me ASAP.

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I am in the process of doing a memory calibration on a custom imx6d board and have some questions about the process and its environment.

  • At what temperature are you doing the calibration (min, max or room temperature)?
  • If you want to support cpufreq at what ARM core freq do you run the calibration?
  • Did you ever had problems with minus grad Celsius during stress testing (with cpufreq)?


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Hi Robert.

I am at confronting running “bitbake c clean f u-boot-fslc”, Saying this below
Loading cache: 100% |###########################################| ETA: 00:00:00
Loaded 2088 entries from dependency cache.
ERROR: No recipes available for:

Could you please check this out ?


  • kevin park asked 983 days ago
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I like the current design.
But I think that if we can design more PCIe Mini port, it offers more application on IoT.
For example, I like to integrate a multi WAN router with at least 3 channels of 3G/LTE on the board.

Please advice.

  • Peter Kieu asked 984 days ago
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Hi folks

Actually I am confused to compile bootlaoder and kernel because new features is on new kernel over 3.10 over,
Maybe in kernel 3.17.XX

So My aim is to move higher version of bootloader and kernel
But there is a little clue on the this site.

1. Is there already ported for u-boot-2014-01 high ?
2. I downloaded from your site called imx6rex-uboot-2014.01 but How do i compile ??
where is script files and something more about description ?
3. In order to boot kernel over having dts file
could you give me manual in detail because i have to compare between two kernel from 3.0.x to 3.1X.x
it makes me hard


  • kevin park asked 986 days ago
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Hi folks

I am stuck at booting from sdcard, the article below is the reference in chapter of “Booting uBoot from an SD card”

I ran this command in windows “cfimager.exe -raw -offset 0×400 -skip 0×400 -f u-boot.bin -d G”
also in u-boot mode ran “mw.l 0x020d8040 0×3040; mw.l 0x020d8044 0×10000000; reset”

after 1 sec u-boot is booted in fusing mode because of changing cursor like “midnight_>”

So confused.~!!!!! because i followed all action in site.’

What is caused to make happen ???

thanks in advance.

  • kevin park asked 987 days ago
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i have done some memory tests with ramsmp-3.5.0 on a desktop computer and the
iMX6 board (Linux iMX6 3.15.9-rex5). The desktop computer was an AMD Athlon(tm)
64 X2 Dual Core Processor 4800+ (2 cpu cores) with 4 GB DDR2 main memory.
Now I’m wondering about the low values of the iMX6 in comparison to the
relatively old desktop computer. Are these results correct and are there
possibilities to improve the main memory performance?


Best regards,

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