iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite

Designed by FEDEVEL Academy

iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite 840px

Designed to support the basic peripherals of the i.MX6 TinyRex module.


Available. Purchase iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite from VOIPAC >

iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite specification

  • Back panel
    • - 1Gb Ethernet
    • - HDMI Output with Audio
    • - 2x USB (Optional: 1x USB )
    • - Power input jack: 3.2-5.5V DC
  • Front panel
    • - HDMI Micro Input with Audio (e.g. from GoPro camera)
    • - MIPI-CSI Camera input (compatible with Raspberry Pi)
    • - USB OTG Micro (Optional or Optional Power Input)
    • - Micro SD card
    • - Buttons: RESET, User Button
    • - LEDs: Power LED, User LED
  • Side panels
    • - 1x SATA
    • - 1x UART debug console header (compatible with FTDI cable)
    • - Power input / output header
  • Bottom
    • - 1x PCIE mini card socket (PCIE & USB)
  • Headers
    • - 4x UART
    • - 1x SPI
    • - 1x CAN (CMOS)
    • - 3x I2C
    • - 2x PWM
    • - 8x GPIO (can be used for Buttons, LEDs, …)
  • On board HDMI video receiver
  • On board SPI Flash (up to 128Mbit)
  • Four additional holes for heatsink
  • Size: 90 x 80 mm (3.55 x 3.15 inch)

Download The Complete iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite Altium Project & Manufacturing Files

iMX6 TinyRex BB Lite - Download All files
iMX6 TinyRex BB Lite – Download All files
(Schematic, PCB, Gerbers, BOMs, …)

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We have done some software work on TinyRex, which you can find below. However, the best is go to VOIPAC TinyRex Wiki, they do a lot of software work to support TinyRex module. In case you would like to learn how to create software for your own baseboard, have a look at software pages created for OpenRex, that will help you.


iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite V1I1 - SchematicDownload iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite schematic in PDF

Block Diagram

iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite V1I1 - Block Diagram

3D PDF Document (use Adobe Reader)

iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite V1I1 - 3D ModelThis is the iMX6 TinyRex Baseboard Lite 3D PDF (use Adobe Reader to open it)


TinyRex HDMI input interface

Project status

Description Status Note
DDR3 OK Running memory test for 2 weeks
1Gb Ethernet (J5) OK Running stresapptest with ethernet for 2 weeks
SATA (J9) OK File copy test during 3 days
HDMI Output (J6) OK Linux boots up to GUI
HDMI Input (J11) OK HDMI Output from PC connected to HDMI input and shown by Tiny
PCIE Mini (J13) OK Tested with Intel Wifi Card
Micro SD (Slot J15) OK Linux boots up from SD
USB OTG (J14) OK A firmware uploaded to the module
USB (J4) OK USB mouse detected and running ok
Debug Serial Port (J10) OK Console output, tested with FTDI cable
Power LED (D4 Green) OK Shows the status of power supplies
Reset button (SW1) OK The board resets when this button is pressed
User button (SW2) OK A small application reads the status correctly
Power Input (J7) OK Board boots up ok


This Development Baseboard design is completely free for personal and commercial use. Feel free to download and modify these Baseboard files for your projects. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License
Creative Commons License