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iMX6 Rex

All about software for the original iMX6 Rex.

Getting started

How to


YOCTO is just another way to get uBoot and Linux for iMX6 Rex. The difference comparing to a stand alone compilation is, that Freescale is supporting iMX6 CPU through YOCTO and therefore if you for example need to use iMX6 GPU or camera interface, you may want to consider YOCTO for your project:


Source codes & Binaries

Production test, Peripheral test & Benchmark tests



All about software for TinyRex. The main iMX6 TinyRex software page is located here >

Production test, Peripheral test & Benchmark tests


All about software for OpenRex. The main OpenRex software page is located here >

Test iMX6 Rex by yourself

If you are considering iMX6 for your project or you are a software developer and you would like to play with the iMX6 board, you can test it today. We have a complete online demo setup with everything you need – access to console, display, monitor, board, host computer, including the possibility to switch on/off the main power. If you would like to get access, just fill the request form here >>.