OpenRex – Open Source Hardware Project

Designed for Playing, Learning and Hacking (by FEDEVEL)

Completely Open Source. Based on NXP (Freescale) i.MX6 CPU + LPC13xx MCU. Arduino & Raspberry Pi like headers. All documents are free for download, including Schematic and PCB.

OpenRex - Picture 840px


If you are a fan of OpenRex project or if you are using OpenRex board in your own project, please let us know through our OpenRex Education Project Community website. You can share your projects there, ask others for help or their opinion and, if you like, you can become member of a team creating & building awesome resources to help kids to learn programming and electronics. Have a look at

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Available. Purchase OpenRex from VOIPAC >


  • NXP (Freescale) i.MX6 processor, up to 1.2GHz / 4 cores
  • NXP microcontroller LPC13xx (Default: LPC1345FHN33)
  • Soldered down DDR3-1066 (533MHz), up to 4GB
  • 1x 10/100/1000 Mbps Ethernet
  • 1x HDMI Output (up to QXGA 2048×1536)
  • 1x Parallel CSI Camera input or RGB Parallel Display output
  • 1x Differential Camera Input (Compatible with Raspberry Pi) or LVDS display output
  • 1x SATA
  • 1x micro SD
  • 1x PCIE mini slot + micro SIM (can be used for WiFi or Wireless modem)
  • 1x USB OTG Micro
  • 2x USB
  • 1x CAN transceiver
  • 1x Compass + Accelerometer
  • 1x Gyroscope
  • 1x Humidity sensor
  • 1x Temperature sensor
  • 1x Audio (Headphones output, Microphone input)
  • 1x Touchscreen connector (Touchscreen through LPC13xx / Optional 4x Analog input)
  • 1x I2C EEPROM
  • 1x SPI FLASH
  • 1x IR Receiver
  • 1x Arduino type header. Default:
    • 4x Analog input
    • 3x GPIO
    • 1x I2C
    • 1x CAN
    • 1x USB
  • 1x Raspberry PI type header. Default:
    • 2x I2C
    • 2x UART
    • 1x CAN TX/RX
    • 2x SPI
    • 3x GPIO/PWM
  • 1x UART Debug console (FTDI compatible)
  • 8+2 USER LED
  • Power LED, SD Card LED, USB HUB LED
  • 1x Reset button, 3x User button (e.g. Home, Volume Up, Volume Down)
  • Size: 70 x 95 mm (2.75 x 3.75 inch)
  • Input power: 5V DC (through Power Jack or USB micro)

Board overview Top

OpenRex - Top View Description 840px

Board overview Bottom

OpenRex - Bottom View Description 840px

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Download Complete OpenRex Production & Altium Designer Files

OpenRex V1I1 - Download All files
OpenRex – Download All files
(Schematic, PCB, Gerbers, BOMs, …)

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Getting started

How to connect your OpenRex board for the very first time? Read here >


OpenRex datasheet was created by VOIPAC and can be downloaded here >


To find out all about OpenRex software, click here >


OpenRex Schematic ScreenshotDownload OpenRex schematic in PDF

Block diagram

OpenRex - Block Diagram


OpenRex - 3D pictureThis is the OpenRex 3D PDF (use Adobe Reader to see it)

PCB Layout

Here are some screenshots from the signal layers of OpenRex PCB. The PCB has 10 Layers in total with through hole VIAs only.

Click to enlarge
OpenRex - L1 - 193px OpenRex - L3 - 193px OpenRex - L8 - 193px OpenRex - L10 - 193px

Add-on boards

The TOP OpenRex add-on board is also Raspberry Pi compatible. It may be used on the OpenRex SOLO version (with no or low profile heatsink). The BOTTOM add-on boards are larger. The plan is to support multiple add-on boards stacked on top of each other. It will require a lot of testing and playing :) Click here to download 3D PDF to see it in Adobe Reader.

OpenRex V1I1 - 3D Model with add-on boards - Default view

Project status

When we test a new peripheral, we also update this table. More details about the tests can be found here >>

Description Status Note
DDR3 OK Running memory test for 5days
1Gb Ethernet (J6) OK A large packet ping test, a large file transfer tested
HDMI (J5) OK Booted up to Linux GUI
SATA (J8) OK Filesystem running from a SATA disk
PCIE mini – PCIE (J15) OK Wifi Intel 4965AGN tested, files copied over WiFi
SPI OK Boots from the SPI & can be reflashed
SD (Slot J13) OK Boots up from SD
USB OTG (J11) OK A firmware uploaded to the board
2x USB (J4) OK Files copied between SD, SATA and memory sticks in USB ports
USB on J1 Header OK Files copied from/to USB memory stick
UART1 – Debug Console (J3) OK Works with FTDI cable as console input/output
LPC13xx microcontroller (U6) OK A binary file loaded into MCU and tested with LED blinking
SIM Card (J17) OK SIM card tested with GSM wireless module
EEPROM (U15) OK A file written into EEPROM and read back
Temperature sensor (U24) OK Temperature read
Humidity sensor (U26) OK Humidity and temperature read
Gyroscope (U28) OK Angular velocity read
Compass + Accelerometer (U22) OK Measurement read
Infrared Receiver (U23) OK Caught buttons pres on remote
Headphones (J14) OK Played a wav file
Microphone (J14) OK Recorded a sound from microphone and PC
Power LED (D22 Green) OK Shows the status of power supplies

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Module License

OpenRex is completely free for personal & commercial use. This project is developed under Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International license. There is only one exception: Using this project (in whole or in part) or its modifications for any commercial educational activities (e.g. paid courses, trainings, videos, ….) without express written permission of FEDEVEL is prohibited. Universities can use this project with no limitations.

Why this exception?
The income from FEDEVEL courses covers development of open source boards like this.


Creative Commons License