Would you like to control your board through a WEB interface?

I have spent couple of days to prepare step-by-step instructions and video tutorial with detailed description about how you can run a Linux command through WEB interface on OpenRex. The example is based on WordPress Plugin, as it provides great flexibility. This means, if someone writes a plugin for OpenRex, it's very simple to install and run it on any OpenRex board :)

In this example, I am reading I2C temperature sensor placed on OpenRex board, but the same technique can be used on any board running Linux and the way described on this page can be used to run any Linux command. I hope you will find it useful :)

If you would like to learn how to do it, have a look at: How to create a simple WordPress plugin to Access and Control Hardware >

Or you can watch this tutorial:

Here are some screenshots from the plugin
TMP101 - Result TMP101 - Settings Page