About us

Why do we do it?

We release all documents, so you can learn advanced hardware design and practice on these projects by designing similar boards. We needed an advanced project for our Schematic & PCB Design courses, where we teach hobbyists, students and engineers about how to design boards. Therefore we developed the iMX6 Rex and we don’t mind releasing the files to you. Enjoy!

The idea works!

Martin with no previous experience of advanced hardware design joined our company in March 2013. He was still at University, when he took our Online Schematic & PCB Design course. After that, Martin started working on the iMX6 Rex module, which he released just 3 months after he graduated. And the module works! Just 3 months later, he released another board – the Development Baseboard for the module. Well done Martin :)

People behind Rex projects

Robert Feranec
Founder of the iMX6 Rex Project
Robert likes helping young engineers to learn HW Design. He doesn’t mind sharing his 13+ experience from designing boards such Intel I7, Intel ATOM, AMD, VIA, …
Martin Murin
HW Designer of the iMX6 Rex
Martin has designed the iMX6 Rex module by himself, just 3 month after he graduated.