OpenRex Software

We keep updating OpenRex pages.

Recent Software version: Uboot 2015.10 / Kernel 3.14.61
How to start with Software
Here you will find instructions how you can compile OpenRex software (uBoot & Kernel). You will find here also information about how to prepare Filesystem and SD card. It's very simple.

How to prepare Filesystem
Here you will find instructions how you can prepare a filesystem and how to boot from SD / SATA or Network.

OpenRex Source codes
All the OpenRex source codes are located at FEDEVEL Github >

TODO: Binaries
Here you will find pre-compiled binaries, which you can directly flash to OpenRex board, use on SD card, Hardrive, ....

Examples about how to use OpenRex
How to access OpenRex peripherals (Examples)
A lot of examples to show you how to access and use OpenRex peripherals e.g. HDMI input, GPIO, ....

Learning, Playing, Hacking
How to develop your own software: uBoot, Linux, Filesystem, YOCTO
uBoot, Linux and Filesystem can be prepared through YOCTO project. Here you will find the steps how to generate all the three. You can follow these steps to generate software support for your own custom board or you can use these steps to generate your own software for OpenRex. Or, you can just use it to learn how to do it. Enjoy!

How to edit, customize and test the uBoot, Kernel source codes and YOCTO meta layer
Here you will find information about how to edit, customize and test the uBoot, Kernel and YOCTO meta layer.

How to install WordPress on OpenRex (Apache + PHP + MySQL + WordPress)
Describes the procedure of installing and setting up webserver + runing WordPress on OpenRex

TODO: How to contribute to the Software
If you made some patches, add new peripherals, interfaces, chips, you can contribute to OpenRex source code. Here is how ....

TODO: How to contribute to the Hardware
If you make projects, addon boards, applications, you can contribute to OpenRex hardware projects. Here is how ....

Pages which we use during debugging, testing and production
How to uBoot - Compile, Flash, Update, eFuses, Boot
This is an old u-Boot 2009.08. On this page we will explain how to work with it. We use it during initial debugging & testing.

NXP Microcontroller LPC13xx programming & testing
How to compile and flash the LPC firmware

OpenRex PMIC Testing and Programming
Information for production and debugging

Other pages
Getting started with OpenRex
These steps will help you to start with OpenRex board for the very first time.