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Open source i.MX6 SBC offers Pi and Arduino expansion
Fedevel released an open source design for a Linux-ready, i.MX6-based “OpenRex” SBC …
OpenRex: Development Board With Arduino & Raspberry Pi Like Headers
A new valuable i.MX6 open-source single-board computer is OpenRex, a quad-core Linux development board …
CNXSoft – Embedded Software Development
OpenRex NXP I.MX6 Open Source Hardware Board Design Files Released
OpenRex is an open source hardware board powered by NXP i.MX6 designed by Fedevel, and the company has announced the release of Altium project design files …
Electronics as a Hobby
Quad Core i.MX6 OpenRex SBC Announced
A Slovakia-based training and embedded firm Fedevel has recently announced an open source Linux-ready, i.MX6-based SBC called OpenRex.
A Minha Casa Digital
OpenRex (Arduino e Raspberry Pi Juntos)
Já estão a imaginar o tipo de projetos que podem fazer com esta placa? Basicamente juntaram um raspberry pi com um arduino e obtiveram o OpenRex.
Open Rex – Arduino i RaspberryPi na jednej płytce
Fedevel zaprezentowało nową architekturę Open REX, która ma łączyć ze sobą cechy Arduino i Raspberry PI.
Sistemas Embarcados
OpenRex – Arduino e Raspberry em uma única placa com 4gb de RAM!
Meu amigo, se você não gostar dessa placa, abandona os Embarcados e vai fazer tricô, crochê ou algo do gênero.
CNXSoft – Embedded Software Development
iMX6 TinyRex Module and Development Board …
A video showcasing HDMI input capabilities in Linux using the new version of the module and baseboard called i.MX6 TinyRex.
the-pcb-design-magazineThe PCB Design Magazine
Routing DDR3 Memory and CPU Fanout
This article advises how to properly fanout and route DDR3 interfaces, even in very high-density and tightly packed board designs.
Choose Your Favorite Open Source SBC, Enter to Win Prizes has set up a survey on SurveyMonkey with 32 open spec single board computers that fit our fairly broad requirements.
Open-source project teaches design of ARM boards
“I am hoping that we can promote this combination of open hardware and open software to a wide range of technical audience in the UK, in Europe, and the rest of the world; specially those who are interested in applications which require 3D graphics,” said Ramin Zaghi
ddr3 thumbnailAltium
How to Route DDR3 Memory and CPU fan-out
Robert Feranec of Fedevel Academy, shows us some highly valuable tips on DDR3 memory routing, based on his open-source hardware design of the iMX6 Rex, a compact and powerful Single Board Computer development kit.
iMX6 Rex Development Baseboard - Paper PCB - No
Free seminar unravels mysteries of ARM hacking
Embedded developer Robert Feranec, founder of Slovakian-based Fedevel Academy, is giving a free seminar on ARM board and software design at the Hacker Dojo hacker community center in Silicon Valley on Dec. 14.
Real iMX6 RexCNXSoft – Embedded Software Development
iMX6 Rex Open Source Hardware SoM to Teach Schematic and PCB Layout Design
Voipac, a Slovakian manufacturing company, has recently unveiled iMX6 Rex module and iMX6 Rex development baseboard, which have mainly been developed in order to support FEDEVEL Academy Schematic Design and Advanced PCB Layout courses, but can also be used for other purposes.
iMX6 module in
Tiny open source board runs Linux on i.MX6
Slovakia-based Fedevel and its Voipac manufacturing partner are prepping an open source computer-on-module and baseboard built around Freescale’s dual-core i.MX6 system-on-chip. The credit-card sized i.MX6 Rex module is equipped with up to 4GB of soldered DDR3 RAM, as well as I/O including gigabit Ethernet, SATA, HDMI, USB, and PCI Express.