iMX6 Module Total Cost Prototype Developement

iMX6 module in hand 680pxSome people asked, how much it cost us to build the modules.

Here is a summary of our expenses to build 5 prototypes of the iMX6 Rex module
Component cost to build 5 boards (payed 1038.44 USD) ……….. 1038 USD
PCB Manufacturing (20pcs minimum, payed 2421.60 GBP) …… 3896 USD
Assembling 5 boards (payed 645 EUR) …………………………… 866 USD

Payed to build 5 iMX6 modules total: 5800 USD (this doesn’t include development cost, see below)

The time spent by developing the module total: 438 hours (we will publish a detailed timesheet soon)
Now you can add your own hourly rate and calculate how much the total development of the module cost.

For example, if the hourly rate of your own engineer is $30, then the total cost of the first prototype development would be: 438 (hours) * 30 (rate) + 5800 (expenses) = 18940 USD, but … this is how much it is just to build the very first prototype. Now you need to add software, testing, baseboard, … and no mistakes ;)

If you contract the design, then you may easily pay $80 per hour and your cost would be 438 * 80 + 5800 = 40840 USD

*Notes: Used exchange rate
1 EUR to USD = 1.3429
1 GPB to EUR = 1.1982

  • Mauricio

    Really nice! About the assembling, did you hired a company? because there is no way to a single human assembly this BGA. :(

    • Robert Feranec

      Thank you. Yes, we paid a company. Check out the video at the home page – you can see how the module was assembled :)

  • dominik

    Hello Robert, you mentioned “software” in the expenses summary for the prototype – I would suggest dividing this “software” position in to “EDA software” and “software developemenet”. In this case the EDA software cost (Altium ~4000$ if the price is still the same) should be included in prototype summary cost, while “software developement” can be left “floating” as it is the same for contract option.

    Of course its just a suggestion.


  • Roberto Alcantara

    Hi Robert,

    Can you tell us what company do you used for board assembly ?

  • Hafeezullah Khan

    How many people worked on the design?….Is it one man job?

    • Robert Feranec

      Hi Khan, if you mean iMX6 Rex HW design, Martin did it and I checked it.

      • Hafeezullah Khan

        Yes I mean the HW Design….thanks….Is it for both – The Baseboard and the module, or only for the module?

        • Robert Feranec