iMX6 GPU – Amazing performance

IMX6 - Testing GPU 680px

A huge thank you to Jasbir. Within one hour we were able to setup and run some GPU tests based on his blog. We used the filesystem from here I.MX6 – Ubuntu 13.04 with GPU acceleration and we applied the steps described at I.MX6 Ubuntu 13.04 Debugging GPU Acceleration. As you can see from the picture, the example used for testing the graphic performance is running at 630 FPS.

  • iWave Systems Technologies

    This is so comprehensive. How do I keep myself posted about what is happening in your Blog? I did not find any subscription option to your blog. When I did subscribe from the below option, I did not get any confirmation email.

  • kevinwebster83

    Is there a build of Android which will work with the iMX6 Rex module?

    Fabulous job, keep up the excellent work!!

    • Robert Feranec

      Thank you Kevin :)
      I have had no time yet to try Android, but as it is supported by Freescale it should be possible run Android on the Rex (and it is on plan, just dont know when the time will come :)

      • Kevin Webster

        No problem, thank you for the reply.

        Keep up the excellent work!!