• mad jijou

    Amazing! Would it be possible to place a fan inside?
    I’m really interested by the box design, how did you design it? is it molded? The connector “holes” are they molded also?

    That’s a really great project you have there, i wish it had can bus available :( .

    • http://www.fedevel.com Robert Feranec

      Hi, thank you :)

      - The module has CAN on the board 2 board connector (if you dont use one of the SD cards). We are working on Baseboard Lite and a header for CAN testing will be available there.

      - Yes, there is space for a huge heatsink or even a fan inside. I used DesignSpark (free software) to draw the box. The final color and lights were adjusts by friend of mine in Solidworks. Once the files are ready, I will place them here, so anyone can download it – or if people are interested I will place them here also sooner. At this stage, there is still quite a lot of work on it …