OpenRex is ready for production!

YAHOO! This week, OpenRex passed the preliminary EMC testing :)

Everything is ready for production of the board in Commercial temperature range. The industrial version is also almost ready.

Our plan is to start in smaller quantities, this means, first boards will be expensive. They will be expensive not because we want to make profit from them, they will be expensive, because it’s really expensive to build them. The first batch only will be 20pcs 50pcs and the price will be 349USD 229 EUR per unit. Please, because of very high interest we only can ship 1 board per customer.

UPDATE! We have got enough pre-orders to cut the price to 229 EUR :)

Without these first boards it will be very hard to manufacture more OpenRex boards and lower the price. By buying these first boards you are also supporting future development of OpenRex project. Thank you!