iMX6 TinyRex HDMI Video Input

I hope you will like the new TinyRex HDMI input interface. You can connect there any HDMI output (e.g. GoPro, Settopbox, PC ….) and process the video or transfer it over network.

Watch how it works, the picture is even nicer than from my USB camera.

Thanks everyone who was helping us with this interface. For more information about HDMI input, check out here >

iMX6 TinyRex – Passed EMC Testing

To help you be more confident when using iMX6 TinyRex in your products, we did some EMC testing.

Here is a video from our testing

The setup passing FCC CLASS B
iMX6 TinyRex - EMC Setup

The setup passing through FCC CLASS B: iMX6 TinyRex + Lite Baseboard, 2x USB memory stick, HDMI output connected to HDMI input, Ethernet loopback, Switching power supply, enclosure, running heavy testing script for USB and SD card read/write test, stressapptest for CPU and memory, HDMI output & HDMI input in 1920×1080, Ethernet SSH session.

iMX6 TinyRex passing FCC CLAS B

Vertical polarization Horizontal polarization
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded with enclosure - Vertical 300px
Heavy Testing with enclosure
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded with enclosure - Horizontal 300px
Heavy Testing with enclosure

The Bare Board

The bare board, with no enclosure, can easily pass FCC Class B (iMX6 TinyRex + Lite Baseboard, 2x USB memory stick, HDMI output connected to Monitor, Ethernet loopback, Switching power supply, no enclosure), but you need to be very careful about HDMI input and SATA. Here is the setup and results:
iMX6 TinyRex - EMC Setup - No Eclosure

Vertical polarization Horizontal polarization
Heavy Testing
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded - Horizontal 300px
Heavy Testing

To get more details about iMX6 TinyRex EMC testing, read here >

iMX6 TinyRex Price – starts from 59EUR

iMX6 Tiny Module in hand voipac log
Based on your feedback, we designed iMX6 TinyRex module the way, that you will be able to buy not only powerful, but also cost effective option. It’s going to be manufactured by VOIPAC and here are the prices. I hope you will like them :)

For more information, go to VOIPAC webshop or check detailed Pricelist >

Brief overview of iMX6 Tine Rex module pricing

Lite Module BASIC Module PRO Module MAX Module
1GHz, 1 core
1GHz, 1 core
1GHz, 2 cores
1GHz, 4 cores
Memory 256MB
Price EUR
89 102 115 129
Price EUR
59 71 82 99

All the modules also include: User LED, power LED, 3x 100pins board to board connector and 0°C to +70°C commercial temperature range. As usual, custom builds will be available. Contact VOIPAC directly >

iMX6 TinyRex Power Consumption

We made couple of power measurements. These are just to give you an idea of iMX6 TinyRex power consumption. More results will come when we have the complete software support, e.g. these tests don’t include running HDMI input or GPU.

iMX6 TinyRex SOLO module (during booting, the maximum 3W)

Description Vin [V] Iin [A] Pin [W]
Uboot only 4.99 0.31 1.55
Uboot + ETH 4.97 0.39 1.94
Maximum during booting 4.97 0.6 2.98
Linux idle 4.96 0.33 1.64
Linux + ETH 4.96 0.42 2.08
Stressapptest 1 thread CPU, 1 memory 4.94 0.56 2.77

iMX6 TinyRex QUAD module (during booting, the maximum 5W)

Description Vin [V] Iin [A] Pin [W]
Uboot only 4.96 0.34 1.69
Uboot + ETH 4.95 0.42 2.08
Maximum during booting 4.95 1 4.95
Linux idle 4.43 0.38 1.68
Linux + ETH 4.94 0.46 2.27
Linux + ETH + full HD HDMI – X windows 4.93 0.54 2.66
Stressapptest 4 thread CPU, 4 memory 4.89 0.97 4.74

Vin = Input voltage
Iin = Input current
Pin = Vin * Iin

Welcome iMX6 TinyRex

For last 9 months we were working really hard :) Based on your comments, we developed a new module, which is half size of the standard iMX6 Rex and has almost all the iMX6 pins available on the board to board connectors, including camera interfaces. PDF schematic of the iMX6 TinyRex module will be available, but the module is not going to be open source.