OpenRex Development & Manufacturing Status

We have done a lot of work in the past few weeks:

- Software: We ported uBoot 2015, Kernel 3.14 and YOCTO Jethro to OpenRex. All the most important peripherals are already supported. The current source codes can be found at our FEDEVEL Github >

- Documentation: We have created a lot of pages about how to work with OpenRex (and we still continue writing new pages), see the Content >

- Testing: Martin is preparing OpenRex for Environmental Chamber and EMC testing

- Manufacturing: Our plan is have some boards available for you guys in Q2 2016

OpenRex - Testing - Animated

Picture: Testing OpenRex

OpenRex is Alive!

I really hope, you will enjoy this new fully Open Source Hardware Project. We got the boards yesterday. OpenRex booted up to Linux GUI. We are going to test the peripherals and we will be adding new information on our website in coming weeks. When everything looks good, we will also place online the full Altium Project. Have fun! :)


Arduino Raspberry Pi OpenRex

If you would like to see OpenRex (and our other boards such TinyRex), we will be on the Embedded World Exhibition in Nuremberg 23 – 25 February 2016.

OpenRex Status Update

OpenRex is in assembly house and we are expecting prototypes within two weeks. Fingers crossed.

I attached an idea of OpenRex supporting add-on boards. The TOP OpenRex add-on board is also Raspberry Pi compatible. It may be used on the OpenRex SOLO version (with no or low profile heatsink). The BOTTOM add-on boards are larger. The plan is to support multiple add-on boards stacked on top of each other. It will require a lot of testing and playing :)

This is a 3D PDF, use Adobe reader to have a look at the board in 3D view.

OpenRex V1I1 - 3D Model with add-on boards - Default view

iMX6 TinyRex HDMI Video Input

I hope you will like the new TinyRex HDMI input interface. You can connect there any HDMI output (e.g. GoPro, Settopbox, PC ….) and process the video or transfer it over network.

Watch how it works, the picture is even nicer than from my USB camera.

Thanks everyone who was helping us with this interface. For more information about HDMI input, check out here >

OpenRex Schematic is now Available :)

Many people have contacted us about OpenRex project. The project has been a little bit delayed, but we are now working hard to finish it this year. Here is our progress.

Please let us know if you like OpenRex. It was a loooot of work :) Thank you!

You can now download OpenRex schematic in PDF:
OpenRex Schematic Screenshot

This is the updated OpenRex 3D PDF (use Adobe Reader to see it):
OpenRex - 3D picture

Here are some screenshots from PCB (10 Layers, through hole VIAs only). Almost done:

OpenRex - L1

OpenRex - L3

OpenRex - L8

OpenRex - L10

After we test the prototype, all the data, including Altium project and Gerber files, will be available for download.

If you would like to be notified, when the project is available, submit your email into the following form and I will send you an email then:

iMX6 TinyRex – Passed EMC Testing

To help you be more confident when using iMX6 TinyRex in your products, we did some EMC testing.

Here is a video from our testing

The setup passing FCC CLASS B
iMX6 TinyRex - EMC Setup

The setup passing through FCC CLASS B: iMX6 TinyRex + Lite Baseboard, 2x USB memory stick, HDMI output connected to HDMI input, Ethernet loopback, Switching power supply, enclosure, running heavy testing script for USB and SD card read/write test, stressapptest for CPU and memory, HDMI output & HDMI input in 1920×1080, Ethernet SSH session.

iMX6 TinyRex passing FCC CLAS B

Vertical polarization Horizontal polarization
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded with enclosure - Vertical 300px
Heavy Testing with enclosure
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded with enclosure - Horizontal 300px
Heavy Testing with enclosure

The Bare Board

The bare board, with no enclosure, can easily pass FCC Class B (iMX6 TinyRex + Lite Baseboard, 2x USB memory stick, HDMI output connected to Monitor, Ethernet loopback, Switching power supply, no enclosure), but you need to be very careful about HDMI input and SATA. Here is the setup and results:
iMX6 TinyRex - EMC Setup - No Eclosure

Vertical polarization Horizontal polarization
Heavy Testing
iMX6 Rex EMC - Heavy loaded - Horizontal 300px
Heavy Testing

To get more details about iMX6 TinyRex EMC testing, read here >