OpenRex and TinyRex Status Update

Couple of updates:

1) OpenRex PCB is in production. Components are in process of ordering. The status of OpenRex production can be find at VOIPAC website (see the blue notes on the bottom of the page):

2) As you probably noticed, there was some delay in production of OpenRex. The longest delay was caused by Micrel (Microchip). During our tests, we find out, that KSZ9031 is not working properly in the temperatures below 0°C. We contacted Micrel and it took them 1.5 month to confirm, that it is a silicon issue. Therefore, in the final OpenRex boards we will be fitting KSZ9021 instead (pin to pin compatible replacement), which is working fine in the whole industrial temperature range (this change will be applied on TinyRex too). Additional 3 weeks delay is caused by PCB manufacturing company, which finally confirmed, that the OpenRex PCBs will be delivered in September. TinyRex is in full production.

3) In the meantime we have done Environmental and EMC testing of the final OpenRex and TinyRex configuration. Everything went well and all the tests passed. Here you can find some notes about the tests: OpenRex Testing in an Environmental chamber, OpenRex EMC testing, iMX6 TinyRex Production Testing in Environmental Chamber, iMX6 TinyRex Production EMC testing.
iMX6 TinyRex Env-chamber Board in Enclosure-680px

4) We have also fantastic news :) Marian, one of our contributors, created a HDMI output support for the NXP Microcontroller. I am not sure if you have seen this video:

5) And the last news :) It is now official. We are preparing OpenRex Education Kit for Kids 12+ and for all enthusiastics who would like to play with it. Please, be aware, it’s not going to be cheap, as the OpenRex boards are quite expensive. We are preparing two educational kits: Basic for $199 USD and MAX for $299. Have a look at the box:
OpenRex Education Kit - MAX 530px

If you would like to help us with OpenRex Education Kit development, please send me an email (see our contact page). It’s all open source, so everyone willing to help us to finish this idea is very welcome. If you would like to support the OpenRex Education kit by financial support, please let me know. All the support would be used to finish the kit and prepare awesome examples for kids.

  • Kevin Webster

    Hi Robert, have you tested any camera encoders with the TinyRex? Do you have any recommendations? Thanks, Kevin

    • Robert Feranec

      Hi Kevin. I am not sure what you mean bu camera encoders. But I know VOIPAC has tested RPI camera. If you have specific questions about TinyRex software, the best is to ask VOIPAC directly. They are doing it.

      • Kevin Webster

        Hi Robert, sorry, what I mean is a CSI device such as the Analog Devices ADV7180/7280 or such like – I will forward a message onto VOIPAC. Kind regards, Kevin