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The latest software can be found on the VOIPAC Wiki TinyRex webpage here > Hardware Baseboard Schematic Software How to access TinyRex peripherals (Examples) HDMI Video Input, Video Output, Change HDMI output resolution, UART Serial Port, GPIO ... more on … Continue reading

iMX6 TinyRex Production EMC testing

Before we start mass production, we decided to re-run EMC radiated emissions measurement. This way we will test the actual hardware and software configuration which is going to be sold. You can have a look at our initial EMC testing … Continue reading

OpenRex EMC testing

Here you can find the setup, scripts and results of OpenRex EMC testing. Content Hardware configuration Test description Test results - OpenRex Quad Test results - OpenRex Solo How to prepare the test Test script Hardware configuration Connected cables and … Continue reading

OpenRex: Content

Hardware Getting started with OpenRex Schematic Software How to start with Software How to prepare Filesystem Source codes (Jethro): uBoot v2015.10; Linux Kernel 3.14; YOCTO - OpenRex Meta Layer How to use & access OpenRex peripherals (Examples) DDR3 Memory, Ethernet, … Continue reading

iMX6 Rex Software

iMX6 Rex All about software for the original iMX6 Rex. Getting started Getting started with the iMX6 Rex Development kit How to How to start with Linux and uBoot How to compile uBoot & Kernel 3.0.35, Flash, Update, Boot How … Continue reading

iMX6 TinyRex EMC testing

On this page you will find detailed information about how we tested iMX6 Tiny Rex for EMC compliance. You will find here all the scripts and also the results. Content Hardware configuration Test description iMX6 Tiny Rex Quad with enclosure … Continue reading